Volume I (January, 2016)

Global warming: a serious environmental problem: causes and effects

Sanskrito sahitayea adhunikata

Unish shotoker kolonial sikhababoishthai ‘HA JA BA RA LA’ o bortoman prasangikata

Pranta jiban kotha: Anil Ghorai er golpo

Kotha sahitik Narendranath: sotoborsho samikha

Understanding the specter of intolerance in india: a critical study

The economic, medicinal, ayurvedic, social and cultural importances of betel leaf / green gold of india (a study analysis)

Changes of urban landuse pattern of medinipur town, west bengal

Indian association for the cultivation of science 1876 -1904

State of rickshaw pullers in public transport system in tamluk town (W.B.)

Impediments of automating in college libraries of purba medinipur district

Swami Vivekananda’s notions on ethics and morality and the irrelevance in the present-day society : quest for reality

Global warming: a serious environmental problem: causes and effects

An order level inventory model for a perishable item with non-linear holding cost and stock dependent demand

On some mixed trilateral generating functions of biorthogonal polynomials suggested by the laguerre polynomials

Plastics: boon or bane

Energy consumption of AODV and DSDV protocols in MANET using NS-2

The changing role of the teachers in the new millennium

Determinants and pattern of non-farm employment: a household level study in jungal mahal area of west bengal

Synthesis of nanocrystalline cds thin films by solgel technique

Study of adulterants in common food-stuffs & their detection

The impact of philosophy in our day-today life

An alternative approach for cube root of a perfect cube number

Some constraints on implementation of mgnrega and fulfilment of its objectives- a micro level study

CHITIN – A noble biopolymer